It’s mind boggling how many great films get overlooked. As a faithful participator in the festival circuit, we get to see incredible films, and yet many of these films simply don’t work within the constraints of traditional releasing. And so, an idea was born, and we have dedicated countless hours to making such films available. We’re hoping WTF will be a way for film lovers to experience and support a diverse world of film.


WTF’s mission is to help people find new, interesting film. We look to open conversations about films globally so that we can appreciate our similarities and celebrate our differences.


The joy of this project is that we aren’t trying to fill seats. We can show whatever we want. And so, we have decided to swap big names for big ideas and huge budgets for hidden treasures. With your support, we can keep this project going indefinitely.


We want to be your movie destination, but we also want to provide context for some of our films and projects. That’s why we created ‘Spotlight’ an online essay series that will touch on film at large; from the history of film festivals to the impact of Nazisploitation films in the 1970's on contemporary film.

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